Bboy’s Music Video – Iron Monkey crew (Taiwan)

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Added on November 10, 2009

This video uploaded in yesterday, November 09, 2009. They seem are a crew in Taiwan and a rap/hiphop band. I’ve watch a music video by Maximum Crew on March 2009. And now it is Keep Da Faith album by Iron Monkey. You can read more info at: This is their blog but written in Taiwanese. I don’t know Taiwanese so I must use to Google Translate xD

I saw quite a lot clothes have Tribal brand in video… Are they representing Tribal brand in there?

keep da faith 2

keep da faith

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  • bala Reply 4 năm trước


    their name is iron monkey not keep da faith(this is album’s name)

    they represent taiwan not china

    tribal gear sponsored them and help a lot .

    • Kill The Beat - Zealous Author Reply 4 năm trước

      wow thanks for the information :smile: i don’t know Taiwanese so i can’t find out something more about them ^^ i will correct this post.

  • Bhuvna Wadhawan Reply 4 năm trước

    Hi…i am looking at contacting the Iron Monkey Crew…i am from India…can anyone help me with a phone number to call Iron Monkey Crew…please feel free to email me on